A seminar at Zagazig University discusses social responsibility in overcoming illiteracy

    Under the patronage of  Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, President of Zagazig University The Adult Education Unit organized an introductory seminar to discuss the social responsibility in overcoming illiteracy and the importance of student participation in this national project to erase the illiteracy of the citizens of Sharkia and the neighboring governorates in the Faculty of Physical Education Girls under the supervision of Dr. Iman Saad Zaghloul, Dean of the College and with the participation and attendance of Dr. Zeinab Alexandrani, Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and students of different Academy year in the faculty.

    attendant at the symposium by Dr. Abdullah Fiki , Director of the Adult Education Unit of University and Mr. Ramadan Shahat, director of the Adult Education at Dakahlia Branch and Mr. Mohamed Abdel-Hamid, University Coordinator of Literacy Authorityat Sharkia Branch Director General of External Relations and Mr. Mohamed Attia, Director of Protocols Management Authority Literacy at Sharkia Branch.

   During the symposium, Dr. Abdullah Al-Fiki said that the unit's link on the main page of Zagazig University through Link of departments and centers of the University http://www.aeu.zu.edu.eg / that available on it the database to communicate with departments of literacy and adult education and answer any queries on this subject and He announced that during the coming period it will be made available a book and procedural guide electronically for university students to guide them and the method and curriculum of learning. In addition, some international experiences were reviewed in overcoming illiteracy, especially Cuba, and clarifying the terms of the illiteracy eradication protocol between the General Authority for Literacy and the Supreme Council of Universities and the procedural steps followed by students in carrying out assignments to erase the illiteracy of the required number of citizens.

  For his part, Professor Mohamed Attia pointed to the importance of this project and to the governorate distinguished  in it.that We have 128 supervisors examples who continued education until they held distinguished administrative positions directed to students to the importance of faith in the cause and try to create motivation in the same citizen to participate and that the Commission provides the necessary teaching and everything necessary to facilitate the implementation of the project.

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