Set pharmacist / Islam Mohsen Ahmed Gear _ the Department of Microbiology college (assistant teacher in the same section)

The Board of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Zagazig University meeting its number) 767 (at the eleventh hour Ashro
 Hall of the Faculty Council and headed by Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Mohamed am on Monday, 02/13/2017
Mahmoud Barakh_brigad College and President of the Council on:

The letter received from Mr. Professor / Head of the Department of Microbiology faculty to consider approval of the board of the department
 Approval of the application submitted by the pharmacist / Islam Mohsen Ahmed Ali Gear set sovereignty teacher on 01/30/2017
22/06/2016 Ali granting sovereignty master's degree in pharmaceutical sciences assistant department where the University Council approved on
microbiology( . ...
:the decision
To approve the appointment sovereignty Assistant Lecturer same se

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