Dean of Specific Education in Zagazig: develop professional programs for the advancement of the college and community

    Dr. Salah Sherif, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education Zagazig University announced that the college is creating many professional programs and technical diplomas for the advancement of the graduates, faculty and society in various artistic and educational fields such as kindergartens, music and art education, and praised the support of the university president and its leaders for the strategic planning and accreditation file. This came during the second meeting of strategic planning held by the strategic planning unit within the college within its activities to implement the strategic plan of the university in the presence of a large number of faculty members, students and employees.
     For his part,Dr. Ehab, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, expressed about the importance of advancing graduates to join the labor market and open new horizons at the local and international levels.
      Prof/Dr. Hanim, Director of the Strategic Planning Unit at the College, reviewed the College's strategic plan, and its ten objectives and its operational plans.

      During his lecture at the meeting, Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Murr, Director of the Planning Unit at the university stressed the importance of the correlation between the vision and objectives of the college and the university. He stressed that the test of success is to identify the needs of society and implement the plan on the ground so that the plans do not become a virtual reality in isolation from society and its

      The meeting ended with an open dialogue to present the views and queries of the participants. Dr. Abd El-azim Atwan, the former dean of the College, called for all departments to join together to implement the annual plan as a first step towards implementing the College's strategic plan.



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