Seminar on Zagazig Commerce about the mechanisms and obstacles to the participation of university students in the literacy project

     Under the patronage of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of Zagazig University The University's Adult Education Unit organized an introductory seminar for the students of the Faculty of Commerce in a series of seminars organized by the university faculties to answer students' questions about the mechanisms and obstacles of participation of Zagazig University students in literacy project In the presence of Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Fiki, Director of Unit and Dr. Hilal Afifi, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Commerce for Education and Students Affairs, and Amr Shaalan, Director General of Literacy Authority in Sharkia Governorate. Ramadan Al-Shahat Director General of the Literacy Authority in Dakahlia Governorate and a number of students of the four teams in the college.
    During the symposium,Dr. Al-Feki said that this experiment was carried out by many countries such as China, Japan and South Korea and succeeded in eradicating illiteracy, adding that Zagazig University has begun to implement the faculties of education and literature and achieved great success.
     The seminar concluded with a dialogue between the students and the attendees about the mechanisms of implementing the program and the obstacles that facing the students to take into consideration and try to find solutions to facilitate communication through a database with the National Authority for Adult Education and facilitate all available resources.

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