A convoy of veterinary and awareness of Zagazige University at Mitt Rabia, Bilbes Center

     Within the activities of the fourteenth festival environment for villages and centers of Sharkia province, which was launched by Zagazig University under the auspices of  Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, Rector environmental service sector organized veterinary medical convoy and a new awareness of the village of Mitt Rabia at Bilbes center with the participation of professors and consultants in various disciplines from the faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Science , Technology, the quality of education and nursing.
     And his participation in the activities of the convoy Dr. Ahmed Beheiry , Vice Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for Environmental Affairs, said that in terms of the college is keen on the development of livestock and poultry at governate and reduce the spread of FMD disease , the medical team of the college  and Dr.Lamah Abdel Samie ,Veterinary hospital director to disclose on animals and awareness of the seriousness of the disease and how to prevent through seminars and workshops for educators and farm owners in the village.
     And Dr. Gamal Annan , Vice Dean of Faculty of Science has to raise awareness about ways to benefit from rice straw and the optimal use of water and how to grow mushrooms and investment of Animal Resources and Fisheries and analysis of samples of fresh water in the village.
     And Faculty members by the Faculty of Specific Education also participated , headed by Dr. Akmal Gaballah to organize workshops and training sessions for village girls and students of schools in handicrafts and embroidery, small industries and glass painting and industry Women's accessories and work placemats  as well as holding seminars and training courses in first aid and the fight against addiction, drugs, poisons and how to treat burns and the treatment of fractures. .. and healthy nutrition and good  healthy for children presented by the professors of the College of Nursing and his assistants

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