Definitions day on how to apply for EU projects at Zagazig University

    Under the auspices Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, president of Zagazig University, Development Project Management Unit at University organized a definitions day to faculty members and their assistants and the management team of the progress of the projects of the European Union Erasmus program Intra- Africa Mobility scheme and that day Monday, 3/13/2017 from ten o'clock am until one pm at the Conference Hall at the headquarters of the unit.

     And Dr. Shireen Issa, Executive Director stated that the organization of this day aims to activate exchanges between students of master's and doctoral study and encourage them to advance research projects and how to communicate with the Union for the implementation as well as the exchange between the Egyptian and African universities with funding from the European Union.
      And Dr. Yasser Chaib, Director of Coordination with the EU office noted that Zagazig University occupies sixth place in the number of projects with the European Union between the Egyptian universities for the number of 13 projects in different disciplines related to higher education and scientific research, adding that Alorasmuss program with African universities includes scientific missions and special missions researchers and projects research between universities and each other within the continent of Africa as include policies for higher education to the States participating in this program .
     Definitions day was attended by Dr. Mahmoud Stouhy, Rector consultant for development projects and Dr. Mohsen Mustafa, university president Advisor for International Relations and Dr. Mohammed Sharif, Director of Faculty of Science Graduate Studies and Dr. Imad Hashish and the guest of honor today Dr. Amal Badawi, professor of General Health and former Director of the Unit and faculty members and their assistants.

 Supervisor of the Office                           Media advisor  

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