Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education in Zagazig: with planning will play an important role in promoting the health of Egyptians

      Physical Education plays an important role to maintain the health of the Egyptians through the preparation of a distinguished graduate and incompetent coach capable of Technical Supervision on the sports clubs and gymnasiums "gym" as well as contribute to the strengthening of the Egyptian economy to meet the needs of the community and the Gulf States This is what Dr. Medhat El Shafie, Dean of hte Faculty of Physical Education-Boys said during the strategic planning seminar, which was held in the presence of Dr. Hamid Qanawati,former vice president of the university, and Dr.magdy Husseini, Vice Dean. And by large numbers of heads of departments and faculty members and students from various years Education Commission. This seminar is part of a series of seminars held by the Strategic Planning Unit in the faculties of the university for the study of the Japanese experience, and sponsored by University President, Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary.
      For his part, Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Murr, Professor of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine and director of the Strategic Planning Unit demanded in his lecture at the seminar that the various departments of the college studying the needs of the local community and the Arab stakeholders and make an analysis of all the obstacles and incentives SWOT, and then invent study programs to meet these needs so that we can development of the college performance and their graduates.
      To achieve this, Dr. El- Murr demanded that  the strategic plans be transferred to short-term annual programs with specific goals for each department and each faculty member, and pointed in this regard to the importance of applying the Balanced Scorecard that  invented by scientists at Harvard Business sore cards. He also called to communicate with deputies from parliament in Zagazig to put laws aimed at raising the efficiency of the performance of sports clubs and lounges "gym" in various parts of Egypt and Dr. El- Murr also called for  need to increase the number of Published Researches internationally.
      And Dr. Qanawati  concluded  seminar with an intervention in which he explained the importance of keeping up college programs to local, Arab challenges, and the need to improve the curriculum and transform plans into actual operational programs with the need to invent new ways to overcome the lack of funding sources.
     The symposium concluded with a lengthy discussion on the college's role in the preparation of both theoretical and practical graduate to compete in the labor market, and the need for the students to increase achievement of scientific and practical and national role to help our Egypt in achieving our vision of development in 2030.

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