Workshop for master's and doctoral grant provided by the US Fulbright Commission

   Development Projects Management Unit at Zagazig University is pleased  to invite Gentlemen faculty members and their assistants and concerned withThe progress of projects and research grants master's and doctoral provided by the US Fulbright Commission to attend today's induction to grants and ways of moving her and guidelines for the Advancement of the body,  which the speakers by Prof. executive director  and the crew associated with sovereignty

    And that in the Conference Hall at development project management unit of Zagazig University and on Monday, 20/3/2017 from ten o'clock in the morning and a half until one pm.

    So please kindly gentlemen interested in participating faculty members and their assistants speed recording their names on the following link:

Where the priority will be  with the primacy of registration and will be awarded a certificate to Gentlemen attendees to attend this day induction.

For technical support contact and visit the Development Project Management Unit at University

Mobile: 01022244741

Or e-mail communication unit on :

Executive director of the Management Unit development projects

Dr / Sherin Issa Mohammed

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