Demonstration in love Egypt at the Faculty of Computing and Information, Zagazig University

     Ambassador Mohamed Orabi: the current generation lucky with multiplicity of sources of knowledge and openness to the world and Egypt enjoy security and stability despite the turmoil prevailing in the Middle East and the world and seek to create a front of national identity
     Within the framework of the cultural season at Zagazig University, the Faculty of Computing and Information organized seminar entitled in love  Egypt attended by Ambassador Mohamed Orabi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, the House of Representatives and a brigade Dr. Mustafa Hadhoud, former governor of the Behira and the journalist and writer Maher Abbas, deputy editor of the Republic and Dr. Hussam Younis, head of the Egyptian initiative (in love Egypt) and media Dr. Huda Plassey, representative of the State Information Service and Dr. Abdel Nasser Hussein, Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Dr. Khaled Hosni and  Dr. Khalid Aldrndly college agent.
      In his speech, the Ambassador Orabi praised  with Zagazig University and its educational role and stressed that this generation better luck where multiple knowledge and education sources for them as made available by communication technology, information, and added that despite the progress that the world has witnessed with the beginning of the third millennium, however, that there is turmoil and separation and the collapse of some political regimes international relations, despite the instability that prevails in the Middle East, Egypt is still the hard core in the region to enjoy security and stability.
      Orabi advised the students with demand for enrollment to work in the diplomatic service because who has the great honor of this task is to represent Egypt and improve its image and defendt about it  outside the borders of egypt  in international forums. And hit several examples of the martyrs of the Egyptian diplomatic ambassador Ihab al-Sharif, who slaughter in Iraq and the Martyr Kamal El Din Salah.
He concluded by saying that we are sticking to our country and we has one's identity is that we are Egyptians.

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