Congratulations to the College of Engineering at Zagazig Engineering for gaining on accreditation and quality

    Council of the National Authority Management adopted to ensure the quality of education and accreditation College of Engineering, Zagazig University after they satisfy all the conditions of quality and accreditation requirements according to accreditation standards that set forth in the Commission.
    And Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, head of the university congratulated to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and faculty members and staff college for obtaining accreditation, which is a new entitlement for college, and a new commitment to keep the the college position among engineering faculties at the level of Egyptian universities, and the development of the educational process them, adding that it was adoption of five colleges before they are Pharmacy and Physical Education Girls and human medicine, veterinary medicine and nursing.
     For its part, Dr. Wafaa Fawzi, Executive Director pointed to the center of the university quality management that the adoption of the Faculty of Engineering is part of the strategic plan,that developed by Dr. Khaled, head of the university, and implement a progress for the development of performance system at Zagazig University  for the preparation distinguished graduate of competing in the local labor market and the regional and international levels, through the adoption of a number of university colleges during the year in accordance with the timetable of work for the adoption of the rest of the colleges within the university .
    For his part, Dr. Alaa Atta, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering stressed on the importance of quality assurance and paybacks on the members of the faculty and staff and college students, and thanks to those in charge of quality assurance and accreditation who were able to fly off with their heritage scientific achievement to the right place that college deserves in the field of engineering education in a different file fields.

Supervisor of the Office                           Media advisor  

                           Aida Said                                        Dr. Mohamed Awad                     


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