Dean of Physical Education Girls: We have clear plans for the development of the college and raise the level of our graduates to compete in the labor market in the Arab world

    We have clear plans for the development of the college and to catch up with the universality and increase the number of regular publication of scientific research and are determined to raise the level of our college graduates to compete in the work at the level of the Arab world, the whole market, which Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, president of the university has always emphasized on it  and demanded by planning to convert from theory to activation.

    That's what opened with its by Dr. Iman Saad Zaghloul, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education for Girls strategic planning seminar organized by the Strategic Planning Unit in the presence of agents college and department heads and faculty members and their assistants in the framework of seminars organized by the unit within the unit activity for the advancement of the educational process and developed according to international standards series.

    During his lecture at the seminar, Dr. Abdul Latif Al Murr, a professor of public health and director of the Strategic Planning Unit, University stressed on the importance of developing a real indicators of performance and that success of the strategy is stem from scientific departments and reflects the needs of the community because the main line of the development of education is the implementation, precision and discipline and interaction with the community and meet the needs of technical and industrial unions which is characteristic of the Japanese experience.

     And Dr. Murr added noting to the importance of education colleges interaction with the sports needs of the community and the supply of fitness "gym" centers of professional specialists and the possibility of scientific supervision by bringing the validity of the pioneers of these centers and the Egyptians in general.

    For its part, Dr. Nadia Abdel Kader,  planning  unit manager at the college that the unit is able to simulate the Japanese experience and also praised with the role of all faculty members in writing the strategic plan of the college and demanded everybody with the need to work to move the plans into Atid in order to achieve the desired objectives.

   The seminar concluded with an open dialogue between the audience that demanded throughit with repetition of such meetings for the importance and benefits all.

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