Recommendations of the Second International Scientific Conference on Measurement and Evaluation

        The whole participants in the Second International Assessment in Egypt scientific conference organized by the Measurement and Evaluation at the University of Zagazig Center entitled "Measurement and Evaluation and educational institutions" (reality / visions of the future) under the auspices of Dr. Ashraf al-Shehhi , Minister of Higher Education andScientific Research, and Dr. Hilali Sherbini , Minister of Education and Technical Education, and Dr. Khalid Abd El Bary, Rector and President of the Conference, Dr.  Mohammed al-Marri Ismaildirector of the center and the decision of the Conference and the presence of professors and specialists from Egypt and a number of Arab countries, and through scientific meetings held over two days in a number of recommendations including:



  •  The establishment of units for measurement and evaluation of various educational departments in all governorates in order to be instabilmente for examination procedures and measuring results with new method and with the development of mechanisms to follow up on the continuity and quality of work by it


  •  Evaluation of the use of advanced systems in measurement and evaluation and rely on sophisticated systems for banks of questions in the measurement and evaluation of students and the outputs of the educational process, especially in secondary educationas well as activating the mechanisms of electronic correction


  • Intensify the call for the development of all the elements of the educational processto communicate and coordinate with the popular leaders so that they become the firstnational goal in terms of curriculum and teaching process.


  •  Development of the general system of secondary education so that he graduatedfrom the scope of the frenzied competition to achieve results is not realistic for a mechanism earn the student the knowledge and practical skills and analyticalcapabilities of intellectual and building construction qualifies him to rise to a higher level of higher education


  • Publication of justice and honesty values in society and put an ethical charter andlegislation limiting the phenomenon of cheating or leaking examinations with fullawareness by studentsparents and involve them in solving the problem


  • Good selection of people who prepare public examinations in light of the standards of psychology and scientific and ethical with train them on the mechanisms ofputting realism ,clear and objective examinationswhich measure various educationaloutputs and the preparation of a typical paper Examination

                             Supervisor of the Office           Media advisor  

    Aida Said                        Dr. Mohamed Awad



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