Zagazig University receives Arabic students delegation today in the framework of student exchange program


     In the framework of Arab students training program, Dr.Abd El Hakeem Nour El dine,vice president of Zagazig University received delegation of Arabic students from the State of Sudan that included four students from the College of Agriculture, University of Omdurman and the State of Palestine included two students from the Faculty of Engineering, Polytechnic University in Hebron in the West Bank and implement the program in the period from 30/7 to 18 to 18.08.2016, in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Hassan Rabia, coordinator of student training program.


     During the reception Dr. Nour El dine welcomed the delegation of students and wished them happy in their country of residence Egypt, pointing out that the core of the program and the basis of training students inside the university at colleges and academic departments related to their specializations, and implementation of entertaining tourism program during the training period to visit the most important features of Egypt, and the management of the transmission medium inherent to the trainees during the training period, and to provide appropriate accommodation and subsistence and existence of a faculty member and a statistical facilities to the delegation for guidance and work to resolve the problems arise.

    He added that at the conclusion of the program the faculty member and the college-based training to prepare a comprehensive report on the trainee Each student trainee at the end of the period to submit a report reflecting his opinion in the training program and put the recommendations that will be a consideration when designing other programs.

For their part, the students expressed their happiness immersive of their visit to Egypt for the first time and training in the faculties of the University of Zagazig.





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