In the 64th anniversary of the July 23 Revolution congratulations from Zagazig University to Egypt's people and the army and commander

          Dr. Khaled Abd El Bary, Chairman of Zagazig University on behalf of the University community congratulates  to Egypt's people and the army and commander with anniversary of the 64 to July 23 Revolution .. anniversary of the epic and national it’s  strength  national army led a march for a new Egypt to enjoy its people to equality and to live in human dignity in the light of social justice, and great people sided with his children from the army and saved it’s revolution.

      Also congratulate and salute and appreciation to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who stood with the people's will at the time of the most difficult times and meaty and Egypt maintained its capabilities praying to Allah Almighty to repay his footsteps to complete the process of development for a better future for Egypt and its people.

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