Strategic planning beginning of the development of hospitals, provided the actual application
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In a seminar held under the auspices of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Khaled Abdel Bari
Murr: Strategic planning the beginning of the development of hospitals, provided the actual application

- Strategic planning is important hub for the development of universities in general and university hospitals in particular, as it can not raise the hospitals efficiently without a valid and clear objectives of strategic plans can be implemented on the ground so as to push the actual medical services, and not just for academic accreditation, that's what d told him. Abdul Latif Al-Murr, professor of public health at the Faculty of Medicine and director of the Strategic Planning Unit and the university during the seminar hosted by the Faculty of Medicine and the Quality Assurance Unit at the hospital Gamaybantrz scientific faculty, under the auspices of HE Rector Prof. guarantee Khaled Abdul Bari.
- Opened the symposium Prof. Ashraf Saber and Vice Dean for Tlbhmmthela to the faculty dean Prof. Yahya Zakaria, where he welcomed the participants and stressed the importance of planning and support of the university administration and full faculty to him and their support for quality, and pointed to the importance of repetition of such seminars in all departments to establish quality faculty .ouhdhar concepts symposium large gathering of heads of departments, professors and faculty members at the opening of the hospital events for accreditation.
- Then introduced Prof. Mahmoud Sagsaqh Director of Quality Assurance Unit outlined the steps the recognition program and explaining the importance of cooperation in order to get it, even occupy Medicine Zagazig position they deserve within the faculties of medicine in Egypt and the region.
- For his part, Dr. Almerfy his lecture pointed out that strategic planning is self-evident can not university hospitals that make their way or achieve its goals or develop without it. But this plan loses its actual importance and its luster because of the wide gap between the Mission and Vision, planning and the application on the ground, which is common, alas, where some statistics show that the proportions of the strategic plans of the failure of up to 90% of Aalmassat and universities in the United States itself, what developing countries alone !!.
- And warned Murr from becoming accreditation or put Alastratejayh plans for hospitals process is just an end in itself, or as it is called by many "Tstefa Securities", and therefore there must be a suitable and the existence of an administrative system that helps to transform the vision and strategic tasks from the top of the administrative hierarchy operational plans in hospitals to executive levels in various units and departments and college Almsctvy.
- And it explained elasticity can be used Balanced Scorecard Balanced Scorecard, BSC as management, evaluation and follow-up at the same time. Due to the severe Ohmtha Dr. Murr he has promised to allocate a special seminar describes how to configure the card and financial components, and operational and management as well as the need to take the interests of, the views of patients and customers when developing plans.
- At the end of the seminar Sagsaqh Almraly and answered questions from the audience about the importance of seeing the college and hospitals and message and the need they meet our vision and mission of the university, and at the behest of the audience has Aadalmr repeating such seminars in various faculties and departments that request it.

Dr.. Abdullatif Murr
Professor of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine

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