An international conference at the University of Zagazig in collaboration with the University of Babylon in Iraq next March
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Under the auspices Dr. Hakim Noureddine acting head of Zagazig University regulates the Higher Institute of the civilizations of the ancient Near East University in collaboration with the University of Babylon in Iraq, an international conference entitled (the civilizations of the ancient Near East and their impact on human civilizations through the ages) during the period from 13 until March 15, 2016 in the pre-Ankh Barbast (Zagazig University Pharaonic .
He said Dr. Mahmoud Omar Salim Dean of the Institute that the conference aims to provide scientific and research between scientists and researchers Egyptians, Arabs and foreigners meeting in the disciplines of collected cultural assets of the area the ancient Near East, and expand the circle of scientific research and progress in the civilizations of the ancient Near East Studies. Which includes the region's oldest civilizations and the cradle of divine religions, which include Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula and Mesopotamia, Iran, Syria and Anatolia (Turkey) and their contacts civilization in order to shed light on the historical importance of the region as a gateway to the effects of mutual influences between these civilizations.
He added that the inherent scientific conference goal is to achieve communication between scientists and researchers in universities and bodies on scientific research that affects different disciplines and activation of dialogue between them hold the largest scientific fraternity between scientists in the field of archeology and ancient history of different Baalovernmma with specialists in other sciences Pure and humanity in order to advance the concepts of and science these disciplines through recent studies.
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