Important and urgent, "the Academy of Scientific Research initiatives" Date: 05/02/2013
الفترة من: 5/2/2013  

Announces the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology for a range of initiatives to support scientific technology transfer program, including hurt in solving some of the problems of society where it is progress in the period from May 1, 2013 and until the end of May 15, 2013 in the following topics:

Ü Topics initiatives: -

A rationalization of fuel consumption in internal combustion engines.
Depends on the engine and non-conventional fuel (air - water - Earth's gravity - magnetic - land - potential energy).
Performance mobile dual system for water desalination (too salty / low salinity) and / or electrical power generation.
Systems to remove oil and fuel stains from the surface of the water.
Design and manufacture of electronic systems to serve the community in the field of telecommunications, health and education, and industry.
Advanced system design and manufacture of molds in different ways to set up a few at a competitive cost.
Design and manufacture of nutritious components industries in order to deepen the shop for manufacturing products are assembled and tested in Egypt.
Automatic system to solve the problems of collision of trains and the closure of open مزلقانات the railways.
Automatic system to solve the problems of traffic congestion and work on traffic flow and activate the traffic laws.
Design and manufacture of electric car for city use.
Design and manufacture of satellite communication system to ensure uninterrupted marine cables.
House design integrates with the system of energy and water use of sustainable energy.
Systems clearing waterways of sediment.
Wastewater treatment systems and agricultural or industrial health.
Initiative to establish a small mobile plants for the manufacture of prototypes and dissemination of entrepreneurial thinking among community groups.
Establishment of centers for entrepreneurship in universities and youth gatherings.
Establishment in the areas of technology incubators: General incubators for various technologies - incubators Health and Biotechnology - material and workmanship - clean technology and green technology - mining industries.
Estimate the carbon footprint of some Egyptian export crops.
Medium grain silos Technology Capacity) 400 - 500 tons).
Technology follow the distribution of fertilizer from the factory to the farm.
An interactive system for the integrated management of water systems in urban areas.
Create alone biogas capacity of 1000 m3
The problem of efficient allocation of support and access to the actual target groups through the use of technological methods.
Accept the academic discussion of any other initiative - other than the above-mentioned initiatives - are to serve the community.

 Terms of progress: that the proposal contains the following:

1. Expertise in this area and the results that have been reached and the desired circulation (if any).
2. The objectives pursued.
3. The design concept and execution capabilities.
4. Action steps to achieve the goals, and include) engineering design, production or more samples, and determine the method of testing and evaluation).
5. Entities which are used) universities - research centers - manufacturing destinations).
6. Members of the research team and CV explaining their experience in the field of the initiative.
7. The time required.
8. Funding required and the financial aspects of the exchange.

 How to apply:

Requests are served in the name of Mr. Prof. Dr. / President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, in Arabic, and the President of the approved by the party, and recognizes the role of the third professor / Amr Kenawy - coordinated initiatives.

 a call to action:
Calls for unity gentlemen interested in projects and who have positive contributions and ideas in previous initiatives to the meeting at the headquarters of the unit on Sunday, 05/05/2013 at 10 am, on Tuesday, 07/08/2013 at 10 am - and to discuss ideas and initiatives that can be offered in all topics so you can finish the project preparation before the deadline on 15/05/2013.

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