L'Oreal award from UNESCO for women in the field of life sciences Date: 08/04/2013
الفترة من: 4/8/2013  

Announces Egyptian National Committee for Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to open the door for nomination for the award L'Oreal _ UNESCO 2014. Will be presented this award this year for women in science (life sciences and related fields) and for the creativity of women and achievements of outstanding scientific progress in the field of science as the target awardstrengthening the role of women in the field of science and reward outstanding personalities.
- The value of the award: - $ 100,000
- Securities required: -
1 - complete the nomination form attached.
2 - Balmarchh CV of no more than two pages.
3 - Copy of the top five publications issued by the candidate.
4 - a complete list of the most important versions of the candidate ranked according to the importance of the publication.
5 - a summary of the nomination form.
6 - two letters of recommendation from various destinations.
The last date for submission: - 15 April 2013.
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