About Zagazig University:

Zagazig University is one of the Egyptian universities which was established to contribute side by side with its counterparts in the renaissance of Egypt and raising its position. The university started as a branch of Ain ​​Shams University in the academic year 1969/1970. Zagazig University is the seventh university in Egypt in terms of its inception. The university has made great strides in all areas, keeping up with the modern age. The university has chosen the image of the great national leader / Ahmed Orabi son of Sharqia as its slogan who stood lofty in front of the brutal colonization calling for the freedom of our dear Egypt. The law No. 18 was issued on 14/4/1974 to establish Zagazig University which was composed of six colleges as a branch of Ain ​​Shams University. Those are the colleges of agriculture, trade, veterinary medicine, human medicine, education and science.

     * In May 1975, the Supreme Council of Universities approved establishing the faculties of Arts, Science and Pharmacy. .
* In November 1976, the Supreme Council of Universities approved establishing the faculty of Engineering and the Graduate Institute of Nursing (affiliated by the Faculty of Medicine).
* In November 1976, establishing a branch of the University in Benha was approved. The branch included the colleges of Commerce in Benha, Engineering in Shubra, Science and Agriculture in Moshtohor and Education and Medicine in Benha.
* In August 1980, approved establishing faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Mochtohor.
* In November 1980, establishing the Graduate Institute of Productive Efficiency was approved. br />      * In April 1981, establishing faculty of Science in Benha was approved.
* In July 1981, establishing the faculties of Physical Education males and females in Zagazig was approved.
* In July 1981, establishing the faculty of Arts in Benha was approved.
* In April 1981, the Institute of the preparation of medical professionals was opened.

Establishing more colleges continued later till the number of colleges became 33 colleges and institutes in different specialties spreading over a wide regional area in Sharkia and Qalyubia provinces. In August 1, 2005 a presidential decree has been issued to establish the University of Benha. Thus, Zagazig University came to include 19 colleges as follows:

          1-Faculty of Education                                                     2-  Faculty of Commerce
3- Faculty of Agriculture                                                    4- Faculty of Medicine
5-Faculty of Veterinary medicine                                              6- Faculty of Science
7- Faculty of Law                                                    8- Faculty of Pharmacy
9-Faculty of Arts                                                     10- Faculty of Engineering
11- Faculty of Specific Education                                           12- Faculty of nursing
13- Faculty of physical education for males                                      14- Faculty of physical education for females
15-  Faculty of Computers and Informatics                                   16-  Institute of Productive Efficiency
  17- Higher Institute of Civilizations                                       18- Institute of Asian Studies
19- Mubarak Institute of Oncology

  In addition to the faculties of the University, Zagazig University has a highly-efficient administrative system. The university includes several sectors represented by:
1- Sector of graduate studies and research and cultural relations.
2- Sector of Education and Student and Youth Welfare and university cities .
3- Sector of environmental service and community development Affairs.
4- Sector of university hospitals.

The University plans in the future expansions to have a branch in the 10th of Ramadan City to ensure the maintenance of the green areas and to serve the community of businessmen and the growth of the industrial activities in that city. The University is also planning in the future expansions to have a Center for Graduate Studies and Research in Oboor City to activate and develop the Graduate Studies and Research and to start to serve the industry and the society in the new cities.

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